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Nestled away in Spain are powdery slopes and intriguing city alleyways. Endless exploration by day; liveliness and tapas by night.

This cluster in the Spanish Pyrenees has the reputation as a top class resort to the locals. Around Baqueira and the base of the slopes there is a sprinkling of glamour. The apres drinks of choice being Moet and Aperol Spritz. It is after all the favourite of the Spanish royal family and where Christian Ronaldo has a hotel. The slopes are snowsure and varied. But it is the food that makes the difference here.

The tastefully purpose built resort works well. The locals chose to stay in the fascinating town of Vielha where the food culture is king and there are genuine local traditions and histories. This is a place where Basque, Catalan, Spanish, French and Italian cultures combine. the result is a lively well priced food and wine scene. The extra journey in the morning is rewarded with unique evening experiences.

Developed by Luis Arias, a Spanish National Ski Champion, Baqueira first opened in 1964 and is a favourite with the Spanish Royal family who regularly holiday here. Its location provides a unique Atlantic climate guaranteeing high quality snow, just the right amount of sunshine and, due to its southerly latitude, an hour's more daylight than the Alps.

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The Baqueira-Beret Resort itself has a huge network of blue pistes for beginners to progress onto, but it also has a lot of steep terrain, so beginners need to be vary about trying them too quickly.

Baqueira Beret offers something for everyone and has the perfect blend of beginners to expert terrain. With 3 beginner ski areas, lots of intermediate pistes and an amazing mixture of Red & Black runs, with so much off-piste terrain accessible.

  • Unique apres ski scene incorporating Spanish tapas culture
  • Famed black run the renowned 'Escornacrabes' - which translates as 'the place where the goats die!'
  • Due to historical isolation the region has its own dialect: Aranese.
  • Aranese Ethnological Museum
  • Ice Skating
  • Dog Sledding

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Vielha is the hub of the valley, with its stunning architecture and unique layout, there is plenty to explore along the main road that runs towards the Baqueira Beret resort. Mountains tower above you on all sides, giving the sense that you are nestled into the hill.

There is something special about this village, you feel a real sense of authenticity and age when exploring the charming alleys and streets. Along the beautifully kept alleys are windows into its past, every third door is an old building front with crumbling textures and a secret history.

In the early mornings, the village is completely quiet as you head off to the resort before any of the locals, but by the time you return, it is busy and energetic along the main street, with the bars and restaurants full with locals enjoying a drink after their skiing. Enjoy your apres-ski drink with some truly unique food, Tapas.

The river Arriu Nere runs through the centre of the village and has lights along its length, lighting it up in a spectacular sight in the evenings that only adds to the charm of the area, it is a must see.


(to be re-written): Arties is the oldest village in the valley and you pass it on your journey between Vielha to the slopes at Baquiera. The village mixes recent restorations with plenty of 13th century architecture, creating a stunning and unique mix of modern and traditional as you walk through its streets. The village is built around where two rivers meet, with the constant trickling of water giving a sense of life and business to the place.

Arties has a much quieter atmosphere than Vielha, although it still has a few great restaurants and pubs. What's unique to Arties is the 13th century church of Santa Maria D’Arties, a true spectacle and definitely worth a visit when you're not on the slopes. If you are looking for a quiet and authentic place to spend your evenings, this is the place for you.


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Smaller still is the village of Salardu. While it is the closest village of note to the resort of Baqueira-Beret, it is filled with more traditional stone built buildings and architecture echoed through the valley. Older still than the Santa Maria D’arties is the 12th century church you can find here, with its recently restored tapestries. It is a quieter village than Vielha and Arties although there are still a few bars and restaurants to choose from in the evenings.
In the village, explore charming square and the narrow streets that make up the character of the area. The old stone buildings are incredibly attractive with they crumbling and textured history.